Finish First Polish

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•  Contains no wax, silicone or Teflon
•  Formulated using recently developed synthetic polymer technology
•  Durable, weather resistant, polymer layer enhances gloss
•  Chemically bonds to surface to help fill in swirl marks
•  Provides protection for 6 to 9 months


ShareFinish First Polish is an easy to use, synthetic polish that cleans without scratching and protects all painted surfaces leaving a durable showroom quality shine in one easy step. Finish First has been at the forefront of polymer technology and continues to set the industry standard providing the most technologically advanced detailing products.

The high-performance polymer applies effortlessly to fill in the microscopic pores in the clear coat/painted surface. The polymer molecules are able to chemically bond to the surface, which provides your vehicle with a dynamic and durable barrier to resist tar, bugs, tree sap, oil/gas, acid rain, road salt, and other environmental contaminants. Unlike a wax, this performance characteristic allows Finish First Polish to remove light scratches and swirl marks while leaving a perfectly smooth surface and a brilliant mirror-like shine. Finish First® Polish will not haze, crack, chip or peel. It is safe to use on painted surfaces; acrylic, enamel, metallic, clear coat, fiberglass, and any other hard, non-porous surface. After several applications of Finish First® Polish, all it takes is a quick wash to remove even the most stubborn elements.

This versatile polish can also be used within the home on stovetops, bathroom tile, mirrors, windows, and fixtures.

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16oz, Gallon, Case of 12 (16oz), Case of 4 (Gallon)

21 reviews for Finish First Polish

  1. Patrick Bell (verified owner)

    This is the finest polish that I have ever used. It is easy to apply and remove, lasts a long time and gives that luxurious feel when touched.

  2. Clifford Alford (verified owner)

  3. Glenn (verified owner)

    This polish retains the shine for months….and the protection is great. I notice the more times it’s applied the shine gets better

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Andy (verified owner)

    Wonderful polish, more layers, it just gets better. We drove thru some type of road paint and didn’t know it. If we didn’t have multiple layers of Finish First polish on our truck, I can’t imagine how difficult it would been to remove.

  6. Sam Castorani (verified owner)

    I have been using it for many years and it is still the best non ceramic finish.

  7. Russell Fedor (verified owner)

  8. michael jay (verified owner)

    Been using this polish for 20+ years—works great!!!

  9. Herman Peoples (verified owner)

    The Best Polish, I’ve been using it for 30yrs and I love the results. The best line of products for all of your car needs.

  10. Gary White (verified owner)

  11. Rick U. (verified owner)

    Finish First is the best polish I have ever used. Very easy to apply and remove using microfiber towels. The gloss it leaves is brilliant. I would highly recommend this product.

  12. Roberta (verified owner)

    The best I’ve ever used

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Michael Rettell (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for approx. 30 years +, works great and easy to use. I believe it started in Beaver WV, and have been using ever since. Also the RV/Marine polish is great.

  15. richard messina (verified owner)

    use liquid glass and i would not ever use it again. it is not the same

  16. gerald Forrest (verified owner)

  17. David A. (verified owner)

    Best polish on the market

  18. Ferdinand Coppola (verified owner)

    The product is GREAT and easy to apply. I have applied it to the headlights also to get better visibility. It lasts for months and rain just rolls off.

  19. Mark A. (verified owner)

  20. Cindy F. (verified owner)

    This is the best product in the market as far as I am concerned. My husband has been using this for years even back when it had a different name (Liquid Glass).

  21. Mark B. (verified owner)

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