It seems everywhere you turn today someone has a new miracle automotive wax on the market. Some advertise a year-long protection in one application, some advertise a “paint job in a bottle”. Usually, if a product sounds too good to be true, It is! The basic question with so-called “miracle” products should be are they safe for your paint finish and will they protect your long-term investment. Liqui-Tech LLC developed FINISH FIRST polish through our careful research and study of paint. The new technology of today’s paints is extremely different that paints just a few years ago. With the E.P.A. standards of paint chemicals, science is constantly changing its way not only to protect your vehicles finish but to enhance its looks as well.



Advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your car, the high-tech formula of Finish First contains NO waxes, silicones, or Teflon. Finish First uses a synthetic emulsion cleaning agent to dissolve old wax, tar, road film, dirt, and organic contaminants which cling to the paint surface even after washing. With this cleaning action, you will not create those “swirl” marks on your paints surface that other organic wax cleaners usually leave. The cleaning emulsion agents in FINISH FIRST will not only prevent swirls but dissolve the contaminants in old swirl marks caused by previous waxes. The concept behind this emulsion is a paint finish without the hand-rubbed wax look, just a scratch free, new spray glow as if the paint were new. FINISH FIRST is formulated for any type of paint surface but it excels on clear-coat finishes because of the no scratch cleaner. For the tough cleaning jobs on older, oxidized, or neglected paint surfaces we suggest our FINISH PREP precleaner. It uses the same emulsion cleaner in our polish but in full strength.

Our cleaning ability is just an overall part of a paint finish. Being synthetic in its design FINISH FIRST is different than other wax products. FINISH FIRST contains a synthetic polymer which, unlike a wax, will bond itself to the paint finish. This synthetic coating layer then cures into a tough, clear, protective, mirror-like finish which enhances your protection and enriches the depth of the gloss. This coating will provide protection in a normal environment for approximately 6 to 9 months. Wax products lay on the painted surface with no chemical properties to bond and cure to the surface thus you can never have more than one coat of wax on your car. With every coat of Finish First, you will provide greater protection and depth of gloss. We recommend applying FINISH FIRST, thinly over the entire vehicle and letting it dry at least 15 minutes. This drying time actually creates the coating that removes the swirls and scratch marks. You could let this dry for an hour, a day, or a week Finish First will wipe-off just as easy as it did the first 15 minutes. Once Finish First is applied if for any reason it needs to be removed, say repainting, normal body shop sanding techniques are adequate for the removal. Unlike organic waxes, Finish First, contains no anti-paint chemicals.



With the rising costs of automobiles today, a little preventive maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle. Finish First can protect your paint finish and will always retain or restore that scratch free, new spray glow. Liqui-Tech LLC will always be on the edge of paint technology and remain in constant research and development to ensure you the best in paint finish care.

FINISH FIRST meets today’s tough standards of vehicle paint finish care by using advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your car. FINISH FIRST’S high tech formula contains no waxes, silicone, or Teflon.

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