I have 16 coats of First Finish Polish on our Colorado and 41 coats on our King Ranch. They look sharp and are so much easier to clean using your products. Thanks!

– Andy Matson, AR

I have been using your marine product for three seasons now. I apply it to hull and decks, First Finish is lasting two full great lakes seasons. I have three issues which in the past caused me real headaches, spider droppings, sea gull droppings and jet fuel fall out since I dock very close to a Air Force Base in Michigan. It all just washes right off with a high pressure nozzle. If I use a mop then just straight out of a garden hose. I would love to send you a photo at sun set to show the deep shine. PS I used the same product on my 2008 red Wranger Jeep. Red is still bright and deep shine.   –  Mike Pipia, MI

I LOVE your Polish!! I get more compliments on my vehicles !! The polish is so easy to use !!! I’ve been using it for years and will never change to a different polish !!!  –  James Bryndel, TX

Several years ago, I befriended a person in Beckley WV that sold Finish First products. This stuff is the BEST EVER! I have tried several other brands that CLAIM to be the best, but after a few rains &/or hot, sunny weather, there is no more water beading. Using Finish First, I find that the protection last for months & months. Hats off to you for such a wonderful product!   – Clint Patterson, WV

This is my third order of Finish First Marine polish I’ve given your product to friends as a gift. Everybody just raves about the product and ease of use-great job-thanks.  – Charles D., MI

i have used first finish car polish for 7 years , my bmw z3 has 13 coats on it ….it is crazy crazy awesome stuff….i have been waxing cars for 40 years , this is the best stuff ever…all i want to do is just polish it …smile    Laurie Ward, New Brunswick

Love your products, nice to find something that works so well. My boat yard speaks highly of your products!  – Charles Dewey, MI

Almost 20 years ago started using and 8 vehicles later can tell you this is the only product that really protects agains the FL sun and elements. We put lot of miles on and the paint/shine last longer than the engines! After base costing once every 6 months or so at that is it. This is the real deal. Thanks!  – Allen Palatka, FL

I buy from you now. Could you send me more info as I have 4 people who want to buy your product. It is fantastic and my 2000 Porsche looks new out of the box. Fantastic product.  – George Drury, OR

I have been using your finish first polish products since 1997, first on a trailered concourse 1965 mustang up to my NOW 2005 corvette. As I told Kathy, the show I am going to in Grants Pass, OR on 7-8 will be the 4th time I have been in that car show. My car has won 1st place in the c-6 competition in 2005, 2007 and 2009 (it is an every-other year event)… I am now getting it ready for 2011.. I just started with my fresh layers of FF polish, and will have at least 2 to 3 more layers by the event.  – Ann, Canada

I bought a used 2003 Silverado SS last December from a dealership that my brother works at in Augusta, GA. It had been serviced and detailed using Finish First. I could not believe that after driving it for 5 months that rain water still beads on the Red Flame paint as if it were just waxed. I want to use it on my wifes 2009 CTS with the White Diamond paint ASAP!  Michael Todd, GA

I finally got around to using FinishFirst on my wife’s 2000 Honda Accord. It has sat outside and in the open since it was new.

It had been waxed several times but about three years ago I cleaned down to the clear coat and applied Rejex for the first time and about five times since. Because I considered that still a good base, I then applied the FinishFirst a couple of days ago. Today, it received the second coat.

Predictably, some effort was involved in both applying and removing the first coat. The second coat, however, was much, much easier.

Most surprising, however, was that of solving a window problem. We’ve had problems with the windshield for a very long time with even brand new wipers skittering across the surface instead of wiping clean. Also, the surface simply didn’t feel smooth. I never have been able to identify the cause and neither Rain-X nor Rejex were any help.

So I applied FinishFirst and with considerable effort I was able to get down to what I was sure was real glass. Then I let it sit for about two hours. I could hardly believe the difference. It was actually the smoothest it has been in a very long time. We had a heavy rain this morning so I drove the car on an errand. As expected, the water beaded. What I didn’t expect was how easily and completely the wipers now do their job. I don’t know what that product of yours contains, but it works better than anything I have ever used.

Finally, I will tell you I did the Pathfinder four times (including wheels each time) while at Cape Coral. Then after getting back home here in Alabama, I did the inside of the full sized BathFitter shower unit four times which I wrote and told you about and just now finished doing the Accord twice. It was a squeaker but I managed to do all that with only one can.
I credit the product’s consistency for that. If it were thicker, more product and a lot more application effort would be required. If it were thinner, there would be excessive dripping and running.

To say again for the umpteenth time, over the years I have used everything. But nothing finer than FirstFinish. Discovering it has revolutionized my thinking about ultimate protection of cars, boats and other equipment on which FirstFinish can be appropriately used.  – Fred Myers, AL

I have a 2002 Ford Lightning Tru Blue and finish first polish and finish fast is all that has ever been used on this vehicle. I bought the truck from a professional auto detailer by trade and he recommended I continue to use the same products. I am glad I did. I get so many comments on it. I just put in another order. When I ordered before you included a magnet. Can you send me a couple more for my friends or some business cards I can give out at the car shows that I attend? Everyone keeps asking me so if I gave them a business card I would give you some more business.  – Richard A., TN

We love your products. Nothing else touches our cars or our previous boat.  – Anita, FL

I am a commercial tuna fisherman and use Finish First Marine polish on my boat. This polish is amazing. I apply 1 coat every 4 months and nothing , including dried fish chum , doesn’t stick to the gel coat. It is so easy to apply and remove…and the longer you let it dry, the better the shine and protection.  – Juan A., Miami, FL

Thanks for the quick reply and information. I just ordered the cycle polish. Where are you located? I heard about your product from my brother (he has a 69 gto) convertible restored and swears by your product!!! I have a 95 mustang GT and convertible and we both have bikes.  – Tony, Windsor, Canada

If you recall I ordered about October last year from you 1 gallon of FINISH FIRST MARINE POLISH/Sealer in a metal container which you shipped to me here in Australia. I have found your product the best of all the products I have used on both my boats – one being a Fleming 55, the other a Riviera 42.  – Geoff Gowing

About a month ago I inquired about getting some finish prep and some detailer and you sent me to Champion Auto Center, I went and got one of each. I am writing to let you know that the prep was incredible. I used the prep and the Finish First polish and I can tell you that my car never shined or felt as smooth as it did when I finished. Great products, I am a loyal customer of Finish First Product now. Thank you!  – Michael C., Courtland, OH

We used your products this weekend and WOW… This stuff is the real deal… Our new 2010 Acura looks awesome.. It looks better than the day we bought it in August…. Used it also on my 2004 Dodge truck and i looks amazing… Thank you and also for the gentleman that I spoke to on the phone Thursday… I will always suggest your product from here on out… Thanks for the wonderful product and prompt service.  – Kerry, GA

I first saw your product at the Orange County fair grounds in Costa Mesa. What car shows are you going to be in? I have used your product for over 5 years. I first used your product over 5 years ago for the first time on my $8,000 paint job, it was not an easy decision to choose what product to use. The red / maroon mustang made up my mind. Never looked back. At the time the Corvette club voted your product the best as I recall.  – Rob B., CA

This is Janet’s husband writing to let you both know how well the Cycle Finish is. I love it. First I used it on the tank to compare it to the wax on the fenders. I left this on for a few hours, only until Janet saw the difference. She couldn’t believe the difference. I threw out my waxes (Kit and Meguires). I am so glad we saw you at the Geneva on the Lake, if not I would not have found out about your products. I have been joking with everyone that comments on how great the finish looks, that is increased my mileage, less wind resistance! (Hahaha!)  – Mike G., OH

I used the metal polish on some aluminum wheels on my 1995 Chevy Silverado. I stripped the old, yellowing clear coat off the wheels. They looked like crap. I placed a clock next to the wheel, took a photo, polished the wheel by hand (easy) and then took another photo. I think it took 3 minutes per wheel. And they look freaking stupendous. What a shine! This is truly one of those products that you have to see to believe.  – Vince F., IN

I spent a week demonstrating this product at a Sportsman Show in Cleveland about 20 years ago. I have NOT stopped talking about or stopped using this fine product ever since. ALL the CAR GUYS And BIKERs wanting a GREAT PRODUCT the works….THIS IT IT!! Glad to see your still putting out a great USA product.  – James, Port Richey, FL

Hello…got the end of a can of your product from a friend.. did my 14 year old Blazer and 02 Corvette.. Both black and I’m very impressed. Thanks and great product.  David, Warren, OH

I have been using your products on my boat and I am starting a Fishing tackle web site and would love to act as a dealer for the marine product. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks.  – John, TX

I have used both the finish first auto polish and the prep, on my boat and my vehicles, excellent product.  – Jim, Ontario, Canada

I love your polish. I’m obsessed with it now putting it on every chance I get which is normally at least once a week. I’m so glad there is finally a polish out there you can use as often as you want and get better results every time you use it. As opposed to standard wax that will give your finish a dull look if you use it to often. I already used my first can so this time I ordered a gallon to keep me busy for a while. And it’s Great Stuff !!!!!  – James S, Belpre, OH

Thank you very much for combining my orders. I have had great results with your products and I wanted to share some of the polish with some friends for Christmas. You definitely have the best products on the market!  – Jim

A testimony of an extra find product such as Finish First which I started using in 1996 when I received a small sample bottle in a goody bag and became my main polish on all my vehicles. My thirty year old paint on my 1957 Oldsmobile still has an award winning shine thanks to Finish First. Thank you Liqui-Tech.  – John, Henderson, KY

I just re-ordered again and just wanted to say I’m glad Finish First is still available. Started using the products in 1998 on my Integra GSR and still use it on my 07 WRX. Thanks.  – Andrew, Quakertown, PA

I met you in the parking lot at Sun Sports Honda at a function of theirs. You showed me how good your polish works on Aluminum and chrome. I bought that and the preserver but had not used it yet. About 6 months ago I had Downtowner Carwash in Cape Coral detail that bike and they did a great job. Spent 5 hours on it and I was pleased. I had them do it again this last Saturday and asked if they would mind using your product then I would put the protectant on that night. When I picked it up the bike looked so much better and they wanted your contact info. I believe they will be calling you next week for pricing.  – Max, Cape Coral, FL

We have been using your products for about 10 years…first for our show 1965 Mustang and now for our corvettes. We have told so many folks about your products… It is the only product that I will use on my corvette. I finally got my husband to use your Finish first instead of Meguire’s..Yup, that is right …. On more for you folks. Don’t ever stop producing it!!! Thank you.  – Ann, OR

I’m very pleased with your products. I own a landscaping business and plow snow (and terrible salt) everyone always asks me why my trucks are so clean. All your products work very well and with ease of use. My brother in law visited over the summer and used Finish first on his Lexus, he was amazed with how easy it was to apply and how the road dirt didn’t stick to the paint as it did with other waxes. He is also very pleased. Thanks for making a great product!! Keep up the good work.  – Paul, MD

I have been using Finish First for 4 years now. I have to tell you that everything that I own that has a paint finish on it received Finish first including my model cars. I currently own a 1998 Mustang GT. I both the car with many swirl marks on it as the previous owner “tried” to buff the car out. I put a coat of Finish First on the car and it simply took the swirl marks out of the paint. I then had an idea to make the car to a relative of mine that owns a body shop to paint my new Cowl Induction hood. He called me and asked me what I was using for “wax” and I told hem that I did not use wax, I used Finish First. His exact words to me were “this finish is awesome”, I put my buffing wheel on the roof of the car, and it slide off the car like you had a layer of ice on the paint. I want some and want to offer it for sale in my body shop”. Needless to say, he is now using the product. I also own a 2006 Dodge Ram pickup and a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica and both vehicles have many coats of Finish First on them. How easy it is to just spray the bugs off of the paint when traveling. Love it, love it, love it. Loved it so much, had to start selling it. Thank you finish first for the opportunity and you will be happy to know, that I now have the local corvette club buying it from me.  – Donni, Fargo, ND

It has been about 5 years that I have used this product and the car still looks like it came off the showroom floor, with no swirl marks on it. Thanks.  – Joe S

I’ve used Finish First Polish as the first and only polish since I bought my 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis–the finish looks as good as it did when I drove it out of the showroom. My doctor neighbor saw how well it preserved the finish on my car–he began using it on his Mecedes!  – Drago V

Just finished putting 3 coats of Finish First Polish on my ’06 Xterra. Your product is amazing. Easy to put on, much faster than wax. And what a glossy, glass like finish & no swirls.  – Brenda H

I am writing to tell you how much we like the product “Finish First”. We are using it on a Learjet 60 and Learjet 55 with great results. It is very easy to use, holds up under the extreme temperature and weather conditions that a jet airplane is subjected to, and makes the airplane look great. It gives a very deep ‘wet’ look to the finish. As a matter of fact, the airplane is so slippery from using your product that we have to warn mechanics to use caution when standing on the wing because they will slide off…and they have. This slipperiness does translate into fuel savings because of the reduction in parasitic drag. Thanks for your quick responses in getting our order filled each time.  – Dan, Hunt Aviation

I drive a white Dakota Club Cab and my wife drives a white Intrepid. White is a very popular color in San Antonio, Texas because of the intense heat of out nine month summer. I have always loved the shine of dark cars, but the heat makes them unbearable. So, I thought I’d have to settle for an ok white vehicle. Not so! Finish first makes them incredibly shiny. My vehicles now have all of the wet, glossy look of any dark car! The finish is wonderful and unaffected by our intense sun.  – Richard P

A good friend has a Lexus ES300 that has been serviced by a Lexus dealer that washes the car in some automated carwash every service period. Result? An overall haze to the pearl finish. Friend was convinced that the paint was permanently compromised. I spent less than a hour helping him put on a coat of Finish First; the car cured overnight and we hand buffed it using some cotton towels in about 20 minutes. Result was sensational: under the fierce fluorescent lights of his garage, we could not find a streak or sign of the former haze. Friend was impressed. I’ve now used Finish First on a red Subaru GT, a white Subaru Outback, the above Lexus, and a 1988 Mustang convertible and it is impossible for me to picture any paint treatment equaling the depth of shine on these cars.  – Dr. Phil T.

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with Finish First. I have used the product on my personal vehicles as well as the Stratos boats that I promote and demo throughout the Northeast and Midwest. As you know, I travel through some of the most severe weather conditions and can say that Finish First is the only polish I have found that will withstand the punishment of winter weather, salt and pollutants. By applying the recommended two to three applications of Finish First, I have found on many occasions that I am able to “dry wipe” my truck and boat prior to a demo when a car wash was not available, and still have my products look like showroom condition. There have been several times where I have had a salt film on my truck, drive through a rain storm, and it looks like I went through a car wash! This stuff is amazing that nothing sticks to it and it holds up for a long time! I am now getting ready to apply another coat to my truck and boat, although they look like new after six months on the road. I don’t mind polishing any more because of the ease of using Finish First. It wipes on and off without all of the hard work of the rubbing and buffing! Also I like the Liqui-Tech Protectant as it shines up everything without the greasy, slippery residue that are common with other products. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on the so called professional applications by car dealers and other specialty car care companies. No more! I really feel Finish First is a better product, easier to apply (no machine buffing). and is the best value for the money! Many of my boat dealers are now stocking Finish First in their showrooms. They know a good thing when they see it and are making a profit both by applying Finish First for their customers and selling the cans directly. Once a customer sees how good the polish is, sales are automatic! I’m sold.  – Craig S

My trip to the TRANS-AM NATIONALS in Dayton, OH turned out to be a very happy time because I was introduced to your product Finish First. I just couldn’t wait to return home to get started polishing my 1978 Gold Trans-Am. The first application was a definite improvement over any product I ever used and the second coat was much better. Now the real test a third coat. I let it dry overnight, wiped of the haze and saw the brightest shine my Trans-Am ever had. The final test, a fourth coat was applied and left to dry overnight. The next day I started to remove the haze and got very excited at the deep, deep gloss. It looked as though I took my car to a auto body shop and several coats of clear coat applied. Just think how much cheaper Finish First is then going to a body shop. The proof was at the first car show near Philadelphia. The minute I turned off the car I was surrounded by a crowd of admiring onlookers, this never happened at any other car show. This went on all days and I felt quite proud of my car and felt elated when I received a first place trophy in my class. I know without a doubt your product was the reason for my success at the last two car shows and hopefully many more 1st place trophy’s to come.  – Dick H

I have been happy with it, I have put about 5 coats on one car. I most appreciate the ease of application and removal. Thanks.  – Kraig

I am getting expected tremendous results from my Finish First Polish, love it! And it’s so easy…… so painless. Thanks Again.  – Doug

I put two coats on my Boxster as well as a coat on my in-law’s Rivera, and it’s AMAZING stuff! I still have some more testing to do, but I’m extremely pleased with the products so far.  – Lew

I used the finish first polish this weekend. I love it. It did everything your web site said it would. It went on easy, came off even easier! And the shine is great. Thanks.  – Pam

I used the polish on my 89 Lexus LS400, and it worked just like I expected it to work. I was pleased with the ease of application, and the results. I purchased the kit for my new Audi A4 with Pearl White paint, which I expect to take delivery in August. Thank you for a fine product.  – Douglas

Hi -I just used it finally last week. My truck is new so I figured how hard could the job be. The wash was great – soapy and actually cleaned! I went straight to the polish and my clear coat black truck feels like silk and had none of those annoying swirly, greasy streaks. I only put one coat on and plan to do another in a couple of weeks. (Even my husband was impressed – not an easy task!) – I polished windows for the first time – it really makes a difference. I again was pleased with the vinyl and tire protectant. It cleaned nicely without a shiny greasy look. And the color is staying pretty good on my tires. I have a friend who will be ordering soon. Glad I found you.  – Susan

I polished the hood and roof of my car, I haven’t got around to the rest (it started to rain). It looks great. Also, the protectant is great, too.  – Sal

I am very pleased with the product, so much so that I made a second order. It works particularly well on the granite countertops in my house. I find that it lasts about 3 months on cars. Count me as a satisfied customer. Thanks.  – Pat

I’ve used the wash on my CRV and my wife’s LeSabre. I’ve also used the vinyl conditioner inside. Both worked well. I have yet to find a day to do all the steps necessary to completely protect the CRV but am counting the days.  – Jim Beletti

I put 2 coats on my 97 Z28 and I must say that Finish First is the best polish I have ever used! You guys make a great product!  – Mike

I did use Finish First on my car a couple weeks ago. It was pretty easy to use, and so far I am very pleased with the results. I was using another wax product before, and I could see the finish deterioration over time. Finish First seemed to bring back the deeper shine it once had. I would also like to state that I was very pleased with the process of purchasing Finish First. I don’t normally buy products over the internet, but your company delivered what I ordered within a few days. Thank again.  – Richard

I have used the Finish Fast to clean off some bird droppings and it did a fantastic job – very easy and very quick.  – John

Almost 20 years ago started using and 8 vehicles later can tell you this is the only product that really protects agains the Florida sun and elements. We put lot of miles on and the paint/shine last longer than the engines! After base costing once every 6 months or so at that is it. This is the real deal. Thanks!  – John

Other very satisfied customers:

FINISH FIRST meets today’s tough standards of vehicle paint finish care by using advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your car. FINISH FIRST’S high tech formula contains no waxes, silicone, or Teflon.

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